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To save some time, please fill out the forms provided for your first appointment.

First time patients, should fill out the provided forms on this page. You may download the PDFs or simply fill them out online. Two of the PDFs are fillable, however, the consent form, will need to be printed, filled out, and scanned in order to email it. Or you may bring have it ready for your first appointment.

> Client Information

Downloadable Form (PDF)


> Pet Information

Downloadable Form (PDF)

If your pet has any medical records from surgeons or previous veterinarians relating to the current injury, please have them with you for your first appointment. Please also have the information of your general practice veterinarian and any veterinarian that you saw regarding the injury.


> Responsibility Agreement

Please download, print, fill out, sign, and have the Responsibility Agreement ready for your next appointment. Thank you!”

Paw by Paw Responsibility Agreement Form (PDF)


Dr. Sofia Brickman | Paw by Paw Veterinary Rehabilitation