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Paw by Paw VISION

Dr. Brickman believes that physical rehabilitation can significantly improve the quality of life for any pet. Whether healthy, ailing, or disabled, this treatment provides the tools your pet needs to reach its highest potential.


ABOUT Dr. Brickman

Paw by Paw is the dream of Dr. Sofia Brickman. A fourth-generation doctor, she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian at the age of seven. Determined to continue her family’s medical legacy, but also add her own touch, Dr. Brickman decided she would use her academic drive and caring nature to help animals and their human companions.


Based in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Brickman serves West Hollywood and surrounding areas. From therapeutic massage to therapeutic exercises, at Paw by Paw, Dr. Brickman provides an array of services customized exactly to the need of your pet.